cPanel & WHM

cPanel and WHM are web hosting control panels that allow you to manage your website, email, files, and more. cPanel is the most popular control panel in the world. WHM is used for resellers to create and manage their own accounts.

cPanel and WHM are two separate products – cPanel is the front-end control panel, and WHM is the back-end administrator panel. cPanel provides all of the features that end users need to manage their websites, such as creating email addresses, installing software, adding domains, and more. WHM provides all of the features that a web hosting provider needs to manage their customers’ accounts, such as creating new accounts, suspending accounts, setting up domain redirection, and more.

cPanel and WHM are both developed and maintained by the same company – cPanel, Inc. cPanel, Inc. also develops other products such as CloudLinux, which improves server stability and security. CloudLinux is used by many web hosting providers to provide a better hosting experience for their customers.

cPanel and WHM are both very popular control panels – in fact, cPanel is the most popular control panel in the world. This popularity comes from the features that cPanel provides, as well as its ease of use. cPanel is constantly updated with new features and improvements, so it always stays up-to-date with the latest technologies.

If you’re looking for a web hosting control panel, cPanel is the best option available. cPanel is easy to use, feature-rich, and constantly updated with the latest technologies. You can’t go wrong with cPanel!


It is extremely important to keep your cPanel hosting platform secure and updated regularly to protect your website from spyware / malware injections. We can help maintain these updates as they are released so you can focus on what matters and that’s your business.

Here at Orca, we provide managed hosting services for VPS and Dedicated Hosting accounts. There are many benefits to keeping your hosting up-to-date but the most notable are security and speed. Contact us today for a customized managed hosting solution made just for you.